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WillNowWas is a living choreography that slowly and for a long time moves into the scenic scene in Seyðisfjörður. The performance goes on a certain and repetitive trail. The dance meets the weather and the atmosphere, and the atmosphere can quickly change in the face of the natural forces. The long format of three hours emphasizes choreography's message of human perseverance, our encounter with challenging surroundings, and how we meet ourselves and others in challenging situations.


Hanna Mjåvatn and Rina Rosenqvist

The choreographic framework has been through a three day workshop in Oslo, taking the form of a route that takes 30 minutes, 6 times in 3 hours, without a break.

The audience has a free opportunity to witness and experience the dance performance as well as a sound and light installation in motion. The movement in choreography allows the audience to choose to follow the dancers through the trail, and they can choose the distance and perspective they want to see and listen to the performance. This free contract opens up to the public's active and intuitive curiosity.

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