by B-Braza Production



In Survival, Braza poses the question: how does the primary survival instinct affect our individual choices? What happens to the individual when our boundaries are moved - geographically, morally and ethically? How far are we willing to go to survive? 

Survival takes place in a dystopian future, told through urban expressions: slam poetry, urban contemporary dancers, physical theatre, stencilart and a contemporary electronic musical universe.

Creative director/Choreographer: Belinda Braza

Text: Fredrik Høyer

Composer: Peter Baden

Stencilart: Hama Woods

Photo(s): Gundersen og Meg/Iselin Jansen

Performers Modafe, Seoul 2018

William Boo

Charlotte Korell

Rina Rosenqvist

Therese Slob

Kristian Vindesnes

Performers CODA Festival, Oslo 2017

Albin Lindén

Rina Rosenqvist

Therese Slob

Sigurd Christiansen Dahle Uberg

Hama Woods