Film credits: Film by the genious Austin Thomasso. Music by Kåre William Wulff. Footage by Tor-Sven G Berge


The dance piece MASS aims to be an immersive experience, like a rave. Rather than consuming sex, drugs, or alcohol, MASS performers provoke an individual and collective state of intoxication. The condition is achieved through sensational, transformation and exhausting work, and can be described as an experience of absence of time and fatigue. We claim that the described dance work can produce a contagious effect within the inclusive project space. Thus, MASS examines the potential for kinetic transfer between performers and audience, while blurring the distinction and shifting the social contract between the two groups.

Concept and choreography: Rina Rosenqvist. Music: Bendik Baksaas.

MASS dancers: Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Even Eileraas, Synne Elve Enoksen, Kristian Høiland, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Kasper Ravn Tovik, Magdalene Solli, Rina Rosenqvist, Synne Garvik, Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Even Eileraas, Jøran Ravndal, Ingeborg Bjerke Styve, Anne Bratteberg, Line Joten.

Supported by: Dansens Hus, Oslo kommune, Digitrykk.

Photo: Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus

MASS @ CODA Oslo International Dance Festival, 2019
MASS @ Koreografilaboratoriet, Dansens Hus , Oslo, 2019
MASS @ Scenehuset, Oslo, 2018
MASS @ LungA Art festival,  2018
MASS @ Spin Off, Oslo, 2017
MASS @ Kulturhuset, Oslo, 2017
MASS @ DANS:BARE festival, Oslo, 2017 
MASS @ Kinokino, Sandnes, 2015