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Rina Rosenqvist (1992) is a Norwegian/Venezuelan dance artist who investigates the seemingly mundane surface and the raw desires of the cultural context she enters. She exhibits and performs in a variety of different forms; from site-specific interactive performance; to scores for blackbox; to public interventions concerning rave culture. 

Flesh - Endurance - Struggle  - Liquid - Pleasure - Pulse


Our physical and virtual realities are becoming increasingly intertwined. Technology will envelop every aspect of our lives and become the glue between interaction and experience. As a moving flesh, this is a challenge for the discourse of dance. It affects the ways on how to create, but also challenges which platform to present. I move from the big institutions and theatres, and into the dirty nightclubs.


It usually starts with a sensation, quickly followed by an imagery. From there; anything can happen. Writing, reading, moving, drawing, talking, looking for what it is, what shape or form it's asking to be explored in. It can be quite stubborn, sometimes it needs research through literature, sometimes it's through improvising to music in the studio, or a walk and then there is the point of time where it asks to be left the f*** alone and it will come back when it decides to.


The moving body is the centerfold in my artistic practice, but is considered in relation to the body of sound, light, surroundings and people. When working with different artistic ideas I usually approach it using research, which also implies a staged research in the performance.

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